What are tweezers used for in a first aid kit?

What are tweezers used for in a first aid kit?

What is absorbent cotton used for in a first aid kit?

First aid is the immediate attention given to an injured person. Well rendered first aid can save a person’s life until he/she is taken to a medical assistance center, such as hospitals, IPS or clinics.

First aid are the techniques that are provided in a company when a worker has an accident, the theoretical and practical knowledge that workers have in this technique can save lives.

It can be said that first aid is not as easy as it seems to be, there are many techniques that must be taken into account to save life, especially in the five minutes after the accident.

One of the techniques to save the life of an accident victim is the PAS, these acronyms are the initials of the word protect, warn and rescue, these three words are a roadmap with which the rescuer addresses the situation in case of an accident.

These techniques are learned in theoretical and practical courses given by entities such as Red Cross, AMI, EPS, with trained and certified personnel. First aid training consists of three levels, namely basic, intermediate and advanced, it is important that companies train their employees in these three levels, once trained, emergency brigades can be formed.

Where are the first aid kits used?

The First Aid Kit is used for minor injuries or indisposition that, in principle, do not require medical assistance. If a serious accident occurs, you should wait for qualified personnel to arrive, otherwise you may even harm the injured person.

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What are the objectives of a first aid kit?

The purpose of having a home medicine cabinet in the home is to have the necessary elements to treat small wounds and minor ailments. In no case does it replace a pharmacy office nor should it be conceived as a drug store.

What items in the first aid kit can be used for open wound care?

CHLORHEXIDINE OR IODOPOVIDONE (SURGICAL SOAP): Antiseptic useful for disinfecting wounds, hand washing and equipment. This antiseptic is recommended when people are allergic to iodine solutions.

First aid tweezers

A first aid kit is NOT a pharmacy or a drug store. Neither is it the place where the medicines of daily use of the members of the family are kept, such as treatments for blood pressure or cholesterol… These medicines should be in another place in the house.

Medicines should always be stored in their original packaging and with their package insert, so that any doubts about their use can be consulted at any time. An indicative list of medicines to include in the medicine cabinet is the following:

These medicines should only be used when there is data indicating that the ailment is caused by inflammation and/or to relieve mild to moderate pain (menstrual, headache, etc.) There are people for whom these medicines can cause stomach problems, so their use should be recommended by the doctor. The most commonly used is ibuprofen.

Where does the first aid kit go in a house?

They argued that the home kit should be installed in an accessible, cool place, away from a heat source, either exposed to the sun or near the kitchen, as these factors can accelerate the degradation of the products.

What is a first aid kit and what should it contain?

A first aid kit is an item intended to contain the medicines and utensils essential to provide first aid or to treat common ailments. The availability of a first aid kit is usually prescribed in work areas for the assistance of injured persons.

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What is better to cover a wound or to leave it uncovered?

2. – Something also very important is that the wounds should not be left in the air. They should be covered, no matter how small they are, even if it is only for a day or two. “Wounds do not heal or heal faster in the open air.

What is a thermometer for in a first aid kit?

This should be done before using them, therefore, it is advisable to have soap and water in your first aid kit, or at least physiological solution, and alcohol is a product that cannot be missing thanks to its efficiency.

The tweezers in your first aid kit have a great utility, since when an incident occurs in which a splinter, a piece of glass, a bee sting or any sharp object has penetrated the skin and remains embedded inside it, a clean and sterilized tweezers is the appropriate instrument to remove the object.

Keep in mind that you must be very careful when removing the object, as you may injure the inside of the skin and create a larger wound, so keep your concentration on removing the object.

About… In this site you will find useful information related to the first aid kit: You will know in which places it should be kept, what elements and medicines it should contain, as well as its correct use.

What is a type C first aid kit?

Medical kit for mandatory use in companies with a large number of personnel, with more than one hundred products for the care and prevention of emergencies in crowded environments.

What is type C first aid kit?

BOTIQUÍN TIPO C: Large backpack of 52cm x 36cm x 13 cm composed of two pockets (a large one with compartments to store items and a small one) made of canvas, shoulder strap, with 25 items.

What is the name of the wound drying spray?

URGO Spray Dressing is indicated for superficial wounds, cuts and scratches. It can be applied to all areas of the body, and is especially developed for more complicated areas such as knees, elbows or fingers. From 3 years of age, this spray dressing allows the healing of wounds for the whole family.

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First aid kit pdf

The first aid kit is a basic resource for people who provide first aid, since it contains the indispensable elements to give satisfactory attention to the victims of an accident or sudden illness, and in many cases it can be decisive to save lives.

It is used to disinfect clinical thermometers, tweezers, scissors or other instruments. It is also used for cleaning the skin, prior to injection. It is not advisable to use it on a wound, as it irritates the tissues.

Healing material is indispensable in the first aid kit and is used for: Control bleeding, clean, cover wounds or burns. It is intended to prevent contamination and infection.

Suggested are those that come in packs containing one or more individual sterile gauze pads (7.5 cm by 7.5 cm). Sufficient material to treat one lesion only. Each package is sealed in a sterile cover. Used to clean and cover wounds or stop bleeding.

What are tweezers used for in a first aid kit?
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