What is mirror answer?

What is mirror answer?

The law of the mirror wikipedia

However, when he heard what the Red Eléctrica businessmen had to tell him, he understood everything at once. The nonist did not say no. He was fine that they do not guarantee that the vessels of the two dams withstand the pressure of desalinated water and that there are solutions on the market that are more consistent with environmentalism. Evidently, the 700 million euros were listening to the conversation; that and Nueva Canarias never wastes a good opportunity when talking about strategic sectors: the train, Amurga and, now, renewables.

Mirror Law examples

Tim Keller is one of the best-selling Christian authors in the world today. There has been no shortage of people calling him the CS Lewis of the 21st century. Beyond what I consider an exaggeration, Keller is a very good writer who knows how to explain what has been revealed to him in Scripture.

Keller argues that both sides of the coin are detrimental, not only to one but to all those around one with such a condition. And this includes all of us because without looking for it we end up unfailingly on one side or the other of the scale.

The mirror’s answer calls to forget oneself, leave the ego behind and wait for the verdict of the One by whom we will be justly judged. A reality we should all face.

The answer in the mirror

From the book “La respuesta del espejo” I share this poem-song that I will sing among others on November 6th in the Manuel de Falla hall, in the Sociedad General de Autores y editores (SGAE) Calle Fernando VI, Nº 4- AT 19:00 HOURS.

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Back to the book fair in Madrid by the hand of the publishers Lastura and Huerga y Fierro, and thus be able to present my new collection of poems “La respuesta del espejo” is an immense joy that I want to share with all of you. This collection of poems is born with the intention of showing itself naked before false appearances, from the sincerity and trust that provokes the intimate dialogue between poet and reader.

Solidarity meeting on Saturday May 6, a kilo of imperishable food is the entrance, we meet to eat, to play mus, to win all in the afternoon, awards and songs. The association of direct delivery AMANA, organizes the first Saturday of each month this meeting of friendship and help.

Now I wear the word dressed in poems, darned verses with hope present, embroidering melodies and hugs, and I present my third book of poems “The response of the mirror” in “La sidrería el Llagar” on March 22 at 20:30 pm in La Plaza de la Villa de Canillejas.

What is the law of the mirror

Zen philosophy, or the river as a process of meditation Unlike the sea or lakes, a river carries a flow that is constantly traveling and transforming, an ideal metaphor for those who have lost their way.

The symbolism of the river, of the flow of the waters, expresses both “universal possibility” and the “flow of forms”, fertility, death and renewal. The current is that of life and that of death. It can be seen as the descent of the stream into the ocean, its rise, or the crossing from one shore to the other.

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Rivers figure prominently in the Bible. In the symbolic aspect, rivers describe the deepest spiritual realities: it is among rivers that the Bible frames the origins of biblical history (Gen 2:10-14), and a river is the one that flows in the ideal city at the end of time (Rev 22:1-2).

The River of God begins with the river in the Garden of Eden, and defines God’s plans and purposes through prophecy, numerology, and biblical typology, and ends with the Apocalypse; with the clean river of the water of life that flows from the throne of God for his people.

What is mirror answer?
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