What is hello in gibberish?

What is hello in gibberish?

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You may think gibberish is covert nonsense or something a 2-month-old baby might say, but, in reality, it’s a “secret language” that some people use for secrecy or just for fun. If you want to join the conversation, listen (and read!).


It is worth stopping to explain what these “unconventional” fuels are, which are key to this oil gibberish. The difference between “conventional” and “unconventional” oil is not necessarily the quality, although in some cases it is; it is mainly their location. The former is in porous rocks that allow crude oil and gas to flow into large pockets. To extract it, it is enough to puncture any point in the pocket and the pressure causes it to emerge to the surface. The cost of its exploitation depends on the depth at which the pocket is located and whether it is on land or in the sea. But in the Gulf countries it is said to be as little as $5.

Unconventional” oil or gas is found between rocks that are not impermeable and does not flow freely. That is why it is called shale gas or shale oil or shale-gas and shale-oil. Its extraction -complex and therefore expensive- is carried out with a technique called horizontal hydraulic fracturing or fracking, which consists of breaking these impermeable rocks, generating artificial chambers by injecting water and chemical products at high pressure through which the crude oil or gas flows to the surface. It is a process that is being questioned because of its environmental and even seismic effects.

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An autonomous community is a territory that possesses a certain autonomy to organize itself. It has a Government and a Parliament that are chosen by elections. And other institutions and organisms of its own. However, it shares certain common laws and institutions with the whole State. Did you get over your tummy ache?

Each community has a main law, which is called the Statute of Autonomy. It sets out how the community functions and all the things it can and cannot do on its own. But in order to be valid, the statutes have to have the OK of the National Parliament (that of the whole country).

My name is Plauto, not Pluto. Pluto is a dog friend of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Autonomy grants a territory a considerable level of freedom, but not total freedom. Independence would give it total freedom to do as it pleases without counting on the State. The autonomous communities have autonomy. The State, on the other hand, has independence.

The Bronson – April 11 at Oasis Hall

Update 29/03/2014: Today has been published in the Official Gazette the final version of the Royal Decree. Instead of modifying the original entry I am going to detail the changes with respect to it:

The Government does not interfere in the price of electricity markets, consequence of a bid between bidders. The Government cancels the December electricity auction, which implied an 11% increase in the electricity bill, due to the accumulation of “atypical circumstances”. The Government intervenes in the electricity market and sets a provisional price for the first quarter of 2014. Electricity auctions will cease to be quarterly and will become semi-annual or annual. Auctions will become quarterly. There will be no more auctions: the price of electricity for domestic consumers will be hourly. Current meters do not allow hourly prices to be applied. The deadline for the implementation of the new hourly billing system is extended from one to two months. The Government renounces to the application in the short term of electricity billing by means of different hourly prices…

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What is hello in gibberish?
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